Tarot Reading – September 24th & the Week Ahead

Tarot Reading – September 24th & the Week Ahead

Happy Sunday, my friends. Before we dive into the hustle and bustle of today and the week ahead, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on what has happened to you and around you in the last seven days. Now would be the time to open up that journal and write down your thoughts and feelings about the last week, good and bad, things you’ve learned and so on. Once you’ve gotten that out of your system, its time to focus on the days ahead!

Before I started my day, I made myself a pot of coffee and busted out my brand new tarot deck from The Wild Unknown. While shuffling my deck I asked two questions…

What needs to be focused on today?

What needs to be focused on this week?

Sunday, September 24th, 2017


father of cups the wild unknown

The Wild Unknown: The Father of Cups has a truly unique and dynamic personality. He’s the most feminine of all the fathers within the tarot and usually a patron of the arts. He’s a dignified man who supports his family and community. The only thing holding this man back are his deeply rooted insecurities; they are vast and affect his personality in many unpredictable ways.

The Father of Cups symbolizes diplomacy and open-mindedness. There is an emotional maturity that you harness that allows you to work through the worst of times. You’ll be okay though if you realize that this is only a season and you will come out stronger in the end. You pay attention to these difficult times with an open mind, trying to understand the lesson behind it. Once you’ve reached that peak of understand, you then in turn can help and guide others to this pinnacle of understanding.


September 24th – September 30th


mother of swords the wild unknown

The Wild Unknown: You’ll often find the mother of swords putting her sharp perceptions to use as a therapist, doctor or teacher. She’s extremely experienced and knowledgeable in her field. Some think of her as all-seeing. This card can sometimes represent a woman going through a difficult time. She may be recently widowed, divorced, and usually without children. During this time, there’s potential for her criticism to soar.

Symbolizing perception, this may be a great time to take a look at your life and see how everything is going. The Mother of Swords is a great reminder to us that God (or Being, Universe, which ever you choose) is always surrounding us and giving us the tools that we need to get us back on our life’s purpose. Your thoughts do manifest themselves into reality, so make it a point to switch negative talk into positive and this one act will bring you back to your truthful flow of life. Whatever you do, don’t let the false imagines and thoughts of the mind take over and take you away from your truth and inner peace.

Now would be a great time to set some intentions for yourself! Sit quietly in a sacred space in your home or outside and focus on your breath work. Once you’ve reached a state of calm and stillness, you can then pray or meditate and set your intentions for the day and week.

What do you want to accomplish or focus on today, tomorrow, this week?


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