Ways to Become a Prayer Warrior

Ways to Become a Prayer Warrior

I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and faith for a good portion of 2016. It started when I made the decision to stop exhausting myself of dating and focus my energy on God. My intentions where to completely surrender and open myself to Him. Throughout my journey the one word that I kept hearing is pray. Pray every morning. Pray every night. Pray before work. Pray before you eat. Whenever you feel compelled to… pray. This is how you become a prayer warrior.

I’ve always been jealous of those who pray with such convection. That when you listen to them, you become engulfed in their words. When they just get lost in their prayer and you can tell that Jesus has taken over and is speaking through that person. It’s all just so powerful.

One of my daily prayers is to be able to meet people who would become teachers for me during my walk with God. Another daily prayer of mine is that God would bless me with the gift of being a Prayer Warrior. At my church, we have this thing called small group. Where members can meet together and get to know each other and walk on their journey with God together. We’ve had conversations about prayer where I’ve expressed my fear of prayer in groups or even letting others pray over me. Being vulnerable is not something I like becoming. But I aspire for that time when I’ll be able to drop everything and let God speak through me and show people His love through the words I speak. I want to pray with convection.

My desire to become a Prayer Warrior has led me to Google; to research if there is any valuable information on the internet that can help guide me to my goal of becoming a prayer warrior. But unfortunately I wasn’t given much information and the info that I was given was difficult to comprehend.

If you’re looking for some advice and guidance on how to become more of a prayer warrior then keep reading on for the tips that I’ve acquired from small group, the bible and the inter webs.

Prayer Warriors Find a quiet time that works for them

When I first started practicing prayer I wanted it to be at a time when I had no distractions. A quiet time where I could hear my thoughts and sit back and just listen. I chose my prayer time to be at night before bed. I would read my bible and then take a few minutes (or however long I felt I needed) to just have a conversation with Him. Having that consistent time with God helped me to get comfortable with my praying power and has allowed me to take moments throughout my whole day to speak to God, center myself, and remember my purpose.

Tell Him Everything. Don’t leave a thing out

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7  

This is something I struggled with a bit. It seemed selfish of me to pray to God and ask him to take my silly struggles away. Some of the things that I wished to talk to him about just seemed so absurd, like I couldn’t possibly ask God to help me find love or help me with finances. Like what? But everyone that I talked to on the issue, told me to take EVERYTHING that was weighing heavy on my heart, and pass it on to God. So I did. And slowly but surely, I started to notice little changes in my life when I gave up control of the things I shouldn’t haven been in control of in the first place.

Pray about things that are affecting your life directly, and dont be scared to do it. But also, I found it important to pray for others. It’s a nice  balance. And a practice I like to do before I dive into prayer, is to thank Him. Thanking God for everything he’s done before asking him to do more is so vital.

Put it on pen and paper

I’ve heard this before and have seen it on TV. Lots of people write down their prayers and prayer requests. People who tell you that they will spend time praying for you will write down your name and prayer request so that they dont forget. I was told if you think of something throughout your day that you would like to pray about later, write it down! Get yourself a small little notebook and pen, something that will fit in your bag, and every time you have a thought that you want to pray on or someone to pray for, you can jot it down so you dont forget about it later.

I also like to write down what I pray for daily so that I can look back, see what my requests are and take the time to reflect on those requests. Did God answer your prayers? How did he help you? In what form? It’s something nice to look back on.

Pray out loud

A new friend of mine at church gave me this advice. While at small group, I told everyone that even when I’m home, in bed, praying before I go to sleep, I tend to pray silently. She immediately told me to stop doing that. To not be afraid. That speaking prayer out loud will cast the enemy out. So I tried it. And it was surprisingly easy… minus my neighbors probably thinking I’m a loony. But who cares! It really helps with making you feel like you are powerful in your prayer moment.

being a prayer warrior, requires you to pray!

This seems silly to include this  as a way to become a prayer warrior, but its true! You cant truly become a prayer warrior until you begin to pray. Pray every day. In the morning, at night, before each meal. Whenever you feel compelled to pray, just do it. If you’re at work, like me most of the time, and feel the need to pray, find a quiet little space where you wont be bothered and take a couple minutes to yourself to pray. I’ve gotten so comfortable with it, that I will just stop what I’m doing at my desk, put my head down (but not look like I’m sleeping!) and take a minute or two to ask God for a little help and guidance.

I never realized how important prayer was until I started going to my church and started reading the bible. It’s been interesting and challenging trying to change my routine and incorporate this into my every day schedule. I really do believe in the power of prayer and I’m excited for the day when I’ll become the prayer warrior that I’ve been destined to be!



If you have any prayer tips or practices that you like to do, share them with everyone down in the comments!


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  1. July 27, 2016 / 2:03 PM

    I loved every bit of this post. I wanted to ask you have you seen the movie War Room? I recommend it with your group I have to share this post with everyone. I like what She told you, to pray out loud it will cast the enemy out. I have to start doing that myself. Great read.

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