New Year’s Resolutions for 2015!

Each year I struggle with my New Year’s Resolutions! I am the WORST procrastinator that there is and when it comes to staying consistent in my resolutions, I always fall short of achieving them. I’ve done all the typical resolutions…
go to the gym 4 days a week
lose 10 lbs
get straight A’s in all my classes for the semester
drink more water
save $$$$ 
This year, I really do want to do a few New Year’s resolutions, and I really want to stick to them! My method from now on is to not just do a resolution but to set goals. So, for 2015, my 2015 goals are going to be….
Stop procrastinating
Finish a class
Apply for grad schools
Begin a career that I am truly passionate about
Get my own apartment
Stay healthy
Stay happy!
There you have it! 2015!!! I am ready for you!! 
What are you New Year’s Resolutions lovies?!

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