How to Stop a New Years Eve Hangover!

Happy New Year’s everybody!! I know that most of you guys will be ringing in the New Year will a bottle (or two.. or three!) of bubbly and I thought that I would help you guys out with a few ways to avoid that next day, dreadful hangover! There’s nothing more daunting than having to start of the new year with that awful headache and that one-on-one relationship with your bathroom! So keep these tips in mind tonight while you’re out enjoying a new start!

1. Rotate Between your Alcoholic Drinks & Your Water
I’m sure you guys have heard this tip hundreds of times over. But its probably the best tip you can follow. When you drink alcohol, you can become dehydrated and the tissues in your brain will shrink! If you alternate between drinking your alcoholic beverage and a glass of water, you morning will be a lot more joyful!

2. Chow Down
Before you go out and start drinking, you should consider eating a meal. We all know what happens when you drink on an empty stomach… so try to avoid that by consuming some good carbs and a lot of veggies. I usually eat some pasta or chicken and mixed vegetables before I start to get ready,  just so that way I’m not messing up my makeup and taking a chance on dropping something on my outfit.

3. Top-Shelf!
Drinking cheaper beers, wines and liquor will succumb you to the travesties of a hangover! The top-shelf alcohols are filtered and usually more distilled, which means they’re cleaner and better to drink. So try going for better quality when it comes to your drinks tonight.

4. Electrolyte Takeover
When you drink, your body becomes dehydrated. When you’re dehydrated your body loses water and it also loses its electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that we have in our blood and fluids that affect the amount of water we store in our body, the acidity of our blood, the way our muscles function and other really important stuff. I used to take in my electrolytes by drinking the popular sports drinks but those are packed with loads of sugar, so now I replenish by drinking coconut water. If you are allergic to coconut then I recommend getting a couple bottles of Pedialyte and taking that back before you hit the pillow.

If you have any hangover cures and/or prevention tactics leave them in the comment section below!
Have a great time tonight celebrating the New Year and stay safe!!

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