How to Make Extra Cash FAST for the Holidays!

How to Make Extra Cash FAST for the Holidays!

I honestly can’t begin to wrap my head around how quickly this year has flown by. Christmas is less than a month away! 2016 is almost over! I feel like just yesterday, I was moving into my cozy New Haven apartment with my fur babies. And now, I’m moved out and branching off to bigger and better adventures! But, before I get carried away with a life update and my plans for 2017, lets stay in the present. We still have some of 2016 left to enjoy! Christmas is fast approaching and if you’re like me, you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet. I’m the worst of the worst when it comes to planning ahead and shopping early. I’m the epitome of a procrastinator… I’m a pro at it. I normally wait till about the week of Christmas to go shopping, and usually that was because funds just were not all the way there (we’re being honest here). Although I wouldn’t be able to buy all the goodies I wanted for my loved ones, it forced me to not only get creative with gift ideas, but get creative on how to get extra cash to be able to afford those gifts (and maybe a little something for me to).

Today I am going to share some wealth of knowledge with you guys! Some cool and easy ways to get some extra spending cash for the holidays, and in life overall!  Some of these tips were tested and Kaitlyn approved!


Grubhub Delivery

Grubhub delivery is an awesome way to get some extra cash on the side! I did this for about a year and made a substantial amount of money delivering food from 6p-11p during the weekdays and 11a-4p on the weekends, anywhere from $100-$300 a week, depending on how many hours you pick. You create your own schedule, which is awesome for us busy full-timers, retail workers and hard workers! This is something I highly recommend and even consider doing again in the near future!

Click Here to get started as a GrubHub Driver!


I have never personally worked for Uber or Lyft but I know people who do, and I’m a faithful Uber customer! I’ve had lots of chats with my uber drivers about their experiences with the service and I’ve heard nothing but great things. As a customer, Uber has been my savior many times when going out for the night with my girlfriends or on a date. Again, the hours are super flexible and you get to create your own schedule. And just a heads up, if you’re leaning more towards Uber, one stipulation is that you must have a 4-door car (I’m not sure about Lyft)!


Click Here to download and create your UBER account

Sign Up and use code WELCOME55 to get $55 in Lyft Credit to use on your first 11 rides!

Facebook Marketplace

A little unconventional, but still a great way to get some cash. While moving out of my apartment, I posted lots of goodies on Marketplace and got lots of people who were interested in my stuff. Be prepared to bargain with people because everyone’s just out here looking for a good deal. You can be fair and price your items at a decent price or you hustle like me and price things a little higher and hope to get what you’re aiming for!


Yes, this may sound a little crazy but you can earn some decent extra change by recycling your cans and bottles. My family and I save as many cans and bottles as we can throughout the entire year, and right before the holidays we cash them in and use the money to buy our alcohol and groceries for Thanksgiving and Christmas. That way we never have to worry! You can implement this plan too for holiday gifts. It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays!

Part-Time Job

This is the most practical out of them all. LOTS of places hire for seasonal work during the holidays. Starting around the beginning of November, up until the end of January/February, you can work part time and earn some good coin doing around 10-20 hours a week. I’ve worked in retail for a good majority of my life and I promise you retail stores are hungry for some fresh meat willing to work for only a couple of months!

Hopefully one of these ideas can be used to your benefit!! If you plan to use one of these ideas or have used them in the past then share your experiences down below! And if you have other ideas not mentioned share them! The more we know, the better!

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Until next time loves!


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