Being Black in America

Being Black in America

I honestly don’t know where to start with this blog post. I’ve sat back, and waited a long time before I became verbal on the situation. Because this case is a very sensitive one. I don’t normally discuss politics or social justice on my blog, but with the current events that have rocked our nation, I feel that as a citizen of the United States, and as an African-American woman, it is up to me to speak out and make my voice, and the voices of others, heard. If I want change, I need to be the change. And that starts with expressing how I feel.

Sandra Bland passed away on July 13th, 2015. It is documented that she decided to hang herself, in her cell room after being arrested for not using the appropriate signal while driving. Now, I am no cop, nor do I have any desire to be, but I know a thing or two about the process (endless tv nights of Law and Order), and absolutely nothing adds up.

She was driving while black
 in Texas
A state that is widely known for being extremely racist to all kinds
And because of all these factors, she lost her life
I apologize in advance for any feelings that might be affected by reading this post.
Now one night, as I was laying in my bed, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and came across her “mugshot”. I felt quite off about it though. And for a while I just starred at her face. And I said to myself… “Wow, they really just sucked the life out of her. Her eyes are lifeless”. What I meant was, that she must have been so torn up inside and distraught about what is happening in her life that how she was feeling on the inside was showing in her outward appearance. And then I looked one last time and said to myself, “She actually looks dead”. And then I got the most insane wave of chills. As if she was present in my room, and telling me, “Yes, I am dead in that picture.” I started crying and had to put my phone down to try and get that image out of my head. Its still haunting me, days later. And I still cry.
My Question to You Is:
At what point in time, will black people be recognized as equals? When will the stealing of our basic human rights be made illegal?
Let me say this now, before people go off on a rampage:
But the bad ones out there, and there seems to be quite a few, they make it extremely hard for the good ones to actually do their jobs effectively. But I cannot chance debating whether or not that the cop that just pulled me over is going to be a decent cop or the next cop to turn me into a hashtag.
This is what I want all of my caucasian friends to understand. That when these people are being killed  over and over again, I want them to, for just one second, think that that could be me. And it may just alter the way that they look at the situation. At any point in time, because I am a woman of color, in this day and age, I can be killed at the hands of law enforcement. And it can go from #SandraBland or #TrayvonMartin to #KaitlynScott. I need you all to think about that. Writing this makes me cry. Because its true.
Being a Black person in America is not easy. There has been a stigma of black people for years:
We’re lazy, they say.
We’re dangerous, they say.
We’re needy, they say.
We’re thugs, they say.
We’re uneducated, they say.
Here is a little history lesson for all my readers out there:
Back in the day, when owning blacks and turning them into slaves was the thing to do, they labeled us as lazy. They put us to work, treated us like shit, raped our women, killed our men. When black people finally were granted freedom, they went from labeling us as lazy, to labeling us as dangerous. This is because they didn’t own us anymore. So we went from being wasted space, to being a threat. And they needed to create a stigma around us, in order for them to maintain control and to maintain power.
And that way of thinking still exists today. We are treated as lazy. We are treated as dangerous. If a black man walks down the street wearing baggy jeans and a hoodie, he must be a thug. And I blame this on mainstream media. The world has such a hold on our minds, and our way of thinking. You guys don’t even realize it. Think about it for a minute… Don’t worry.. I’ll wait.
Now the way society works is pretty clear. The rich stay rich. They run shit. The poor stay poor. And no matter how hard they try, society keeps them poor. So they end up working hard for those so-called rich people. Pushin pennies. Trying to feed their babies. As a role model of mine once said,
“They keep us underground working hard for the greedy. But when its time to pay, they turn around and call us needy.”
So when you say, But Kaitlyn… they have the ability to get themselves out of the situation that they’re in. Well, actually… they sometimes don’t. Thats for a whole other blog post though… If i go into that… this post will never end.
One of the points I want to make is that my mentality on life has changed now. I used to be this carefree, go with the flow, live life every day at a time, kind of girl. Now I have the mentality that any day, I can be killed. And I don’t want to think like this. I don’t want to LIVE like this. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired you guys. I want to be treated like an equal. I want the same opportunities as the next, because I am a good person. I want to be able to bring children into this world, and not fear that when my baby turns 12, he may get shot because he decided to go to the park and play with a water gun.
What I need is for this country to stop looking at me like I’m a wasted piece of space and look at me as a damn human being. 
I want to know your thoughts and opinions. Do you feel that our country has a problem? Or do you feel like racism isn’t a factor? Let this be an open and safe place for you to get out your frustrations. Please be respectful of others.
Thank you.

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  1. July 27, 2015 / 8:24 PM

    After moving to Texas, it's freaked me out to see trucks drive around with confederate flags on them, which is something I didn't see up North. I think there is a problem here and that no one wants to address it. People want to brush it under or skim over the topic. I've never experienced your worries before and that just shows how messed up this country is, privilege here is beyond real and as a country we can't just ignore it any longer.

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